Adhesive tape Solvent

  • Adhesive tape Solvent

    Tape thickness 42 microns
    Natural rubber adhesive


    One of the strongest adhesive tapes on the market.
    Has particularly good bonding properties with various surfaces.< br /> Sticks even when cardboard/paper or the environment is dirty, dusty or greasy.
    Suitable for use in all seasons.
    Operating temperature -15 ºC / +60 ºC.
    The dimensions of the roll of adhesive tape are indicated: width mm x length m.


    When you want to send something and have no doubt that the cardboard box, postage stamp box or tape used elsewhere will not stick during transportation - we recommend choosing the highest quality Solvent Vibac adhesive tape. 

    For sale
    1 pc each
    Fast delivery
    1-2 dd
    1 6 36 180 360
    48mm x 60m, transparent 1
    1.04  VAT incl.
    0.97  VAT incl. 0.93  VAT incl. 0.89  VAT incl. 0.85  VAT incl.
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    48mm x 66m, brown 1
    1.44  VAT incl.
    1.37  VAT incl. 1.19  VAT incl. 1.09  VAT incl. 0.95  VAT incl.
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    75mm x 66m, brown 1
    1.56  VAT incl.
    1.49  VAT incl. 1.39  VAT incl. 1.29  VAT incl. 1.19  VAT incl.
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    Vibac 48mm x 132m, transparent 1
    2.24  VAT incl.
    2.19  VAT incl. 2.09  VAT incl. 1.99  VAT incl. 1.95  VAT incl.
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