Corrugated cardboard

  • Corrugated cardboard sheets

    3-layer cardboard
    B wave 3 mm
    B wave cardboard grammage 339 g/m2


    Corrugated cardboard sheets will be useful for packaging various goods, for storage, protection from impacts.
    Cardboard sheets can be used to form products of various sizes, used for advertising, decoration.
    Corrugated cardboard protects various glass products, works of art, drawings or posters.
    It is recommended to use for overlays on EURO pallets.
    Sheet dimensions: length x width mm.

    Minimum order quantity is 10 pcs.    

    Price 0.79  VAT incl.
    Corrugated cardboard in rolls

    Cardboard thickness 180 g/m2

    Folds into any shape 


    Corrugated cardboard in rolls perfectly protects easily broken glass that is sent or stored , metal, wooden products against physical damage - impacts, pressure, scratches or other mechanical effects.

    • Widely used in industry due to its easily foldable and adaptable shapes and weight.
    • Flexible and shock absorbing.
    • Ecological cardboard made from recycled paper.
    • Corrugated cardboard is suitable for packing small and large items.
    • Double-layer cardboard thickness 180 g/m2.
    • Indicated measurements: width mx length in roll mx cardboard thickness g/m2 .


    We can offer other measurements according to spec. order. 

    Price 64.00  VAT incl.
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