Other goods

  • Corrugated cardboard in rolls

    Cardboard thickness 180 g/m2

    Folds into any shape 


    Corrugated cardboard in rolls perfectly protects easily broken glass that is sent or stored , metal, wooden products against physical damage - impacts, pressure, scratches or other mechanical effects.

    • Widely used in industry due to its easily foldable and adaptable shapes and weight.
    • Flexible and shock absorbing.
    • Ecological cardboard made from recycled paper.
    • Corrugated cardboard is suitable for packing small and large items.
    • Double-layer cardboard thickness 180 g/m2.
    • Indicated measurements: width mx length in roll mx cardboard thickness g/m2 .


    We can offer other measurements according to spec. order. 

    Price 64.00  VAT incl.
    Paper LETTURA 72, 100% recycled, A4 80g/m2

    • Ecological office paper
    • Premium multi-purpose recycled paper
    • Made from 100% recycled paper
    • Suitable for copiers, monochrome and color printing with inkjet and laser printers

    • Suitable for printing on both sides of the sheet. 

    • In the package – 500 sheets 

    • 5 packets in a box    

    Price 8.50  VAT incl.
    Adhesive envelopes are transparent

    Protects against dirt and moisture

    Made of PE film


    Transparent adhesive envelope for shipment waybills, invoices or other documents.


    The adhesive back is quickly and easily glued to the load.

    It can be glued to various packages, e.g. cardboard boxes, stretch film Stretch, etc.   

    Price 31.00  VAT incl.
    Correspondence envelopes

    Removable adhesive strip.

    Packed 25 pcs.


    Paper correspondence envelopes, without box, for letters, documents, invoices, postcards or to send small items.

    Specified measurements: height x width   

    Price 0.75  VAT incl.
    Protective cardboard corners

    Made of several layers of paper or pressed cardboard.

    Often used together with packaging film or tape to protect goods during transport or storage.

    The best solution for edge and edge protection.

    Stabilizes packages, protects products during packaging, transportation or storage.

    Easy and convenient to use.

    Takes up little storage space.

    Recyclable.  ;  

    Price 0.84  VAT incl.
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