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    ✔  Printing on boxes

    ✔ Printing on paper bags 

    ✔ Courier envelopes with printing

    ✔ Bubble envelopes with printing

    ✔ Stickers with print


    Individual printing on finished and unfinished products: various bags, plastic, bubble envelopes, boxes, tissue paper, adhesive tape, sticker rolls and A4 format sheets. Printing methods: Digital, offset, silkscreen, flexographic, foiling.

    • Envelopes: plain, with air protection, cardboard, for parcels made of Kraft paper, for rengen, plastic for couriers, ecological envelopes with padding.
     • Boxes for parcels (corrugated cardboard and microcorrugated) 4 cardboard boxes, suitable for S size post machines.
     • White, brown, colored Kraft paper bags with twisted and flat handles.
     • Bags laminated from 170gsm paper with synthetic handles.

    Digital Press

     Digital printing is treated as a modern way of printing, which allows printing even very small editions, various formats.
    A big advantage is speed.

    Digital printing is a good option for small print runs.
    Due to the extremely easy preparation of the layout, this printing method stands out for its speed and wide possibilities in terms of volume (it is possible to print even 1 unit).
    A good solution for those who do not buy large quantities - complex layout is not required, and the unit price is not affected by the circulation.
    The products for which this printing is chosen most often are: envelopes, food bags, paper bags with handles, packaging boxes.

    Offset printing

     Offset printing is presented as one of the most popular printing methods.
    Designed for large editions.
    Quantity and price are directly related - as the quantity printed increases, the price per unit decreases.
    Offset printing is probably the most appreciated for its very high print quality and resolution.
    An enviably wide color palette is obtained using the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key) color system.

    Flexographic printing

     Flexographic printing, what is it? It stands out for its high speed and efficiency, which allows to successfully reduce production costs.
    This printing method demonstrates extremely high quality and the ability to simply transfer the desired design flawlessly onto various surfaces: PVC, paper, foil, etc.
    Both CMYK and Pantone color palettes can be used, ensuring precise color accuracy and very high quality photo reproduction.
    Flexography on various surfaces is very suitable for extremely large runs.
    The most popular products are envelopes for parcels, various boxes, paper bags with handles, food bags, etc.

    Screen printing

    Screen printing can confidently claim the title of one of the oldest screen printing methods.

    Surface printing in this way allows the print to be transferred onto any material of any shape, thickness and size.
    Screen printing is available on paper, as well as popular screen printing on textiles, ceramics, glass, wood, metal, plastic or other surfaces.
    Also suitable for outdoor use!

    Printing on finished products

     Quality paper bags are one of the most popular choices in our range. And here are paper bags with printing - this is an exclusivity that will allow you to represent yourself and/or your activity, production.
    The paper bags we manufacture and sell come in a variety of sizes and types. A very wide range of colors is waiting for those who choose! The quantity selection range is incredibly wide - from 1 to even 5,000 units!
    If you are interested in individual printing, we can make bags with printing according to your needs - we coordinate the layout in advance. Printing on bags, as well as printing on boxes, is possible only on products of our standard sizes.
    Production according to individual order
     If you do not find the right size, type of bag, envelope or other packaging for you in our wide assortment, we offer custom-made production. We can also produce labels in rolls, adhesive tape.
    We pay a lot of attention to the production of branded bags, so we offer high-quality paper bags made of kraft or chalk paper. In addition to the classic browns and whites, you can choose from a wide color palette. Paper bags are produced in various sizes.
    Interested in printed bags? We coordinate the layout in advance, allow customers to choose the desired format, handles and printing method and realize the vision. We can offer even very sophisticated solutions, for example: foiling paper bags with gold, silver or colored foil, coating with UV varnish, decorating with relief embossing, etc. Printed bags can be laminated using a matte or glossy laminate. Or maybe you are interested in the production of boxes according to an individual order? We offer boxes for food, shipments, storage, etc.

    To order an individual, unique print, contact us by e-mail. by mail or by phone +370 602 91205.

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