Wrapping paper

  • Corrugated cardboard in rolls

    Cardboard thickness 180 g/m2

    Folds into any shape 


    Corrugated cardboard in rolls perfectly protects easily broken glass that is sent or stored , metal, wooden products against physical damage - impacts, pressure, scratches or other mechanical effects.

    • Widely used in industry due to its easily foldable and adaptable shapes and weight.
    • Flexible and shock absorbing.
    • Ecological cardboard made from recycled paper.
    • Corrugated cardboard is suitable for packing small and large items.
    • Double-layer cardboard thickness 180 g/m2.
    • Indicated measurements: width mx length in roll mx cardboard thickness g/m2 .


    We can offer other measurements according to spec. order. 

    Price 64.00  VAT incl.
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