Printing on paper bags


    Individual printing on various bags

    • White, brown, colored bags made of Kraft paper with twisted and flat handles.
    • Bags laminated from 170gsm paper with synthetic handles.
    Printing methods: Silk-screen, offset, flexographic.

    Screen printing on bags

    Screen printing can confidently claim the title of one of the oldest screen printing methods.
    Printing in this way allows printing to be transferred onto bags of any shape, thickness and size.
    Offset printing on bags
    Offset printing is presented as one of the most popular printing methods.
    Designed for large editions.
    Quantity and price are directly related - as the quantity printed increases, the price per unit decreases.
    Offset printing is probably the most appreciated for its very high print quality and resolution.
    An enviably wide color palette is obtained using the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key) color system.

    Flexographic printing on bags

    It stands out for its high speed and efficiency, which allows to successfully reduce production costs.
    This printing method demonstrates extremely high quality and the ability to simply transfer the desired design flawlessly onto various surfaces: PVC, paper, foil, etc.
    Both CMYK and Pantone color palettes can be used, ensuring precise color accuracy and very high quality photo reproduction.
    To order individual printing, contact us by e-mail. by mail or by phone +370 602 91205.

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