Packing filler

  • Packing granules

    Ecological loose granules are designed to fill the free volume of the package and protect the goods from impacts or other damages during transportation.

    • Protection for non-impact products.
    • The ganules are soft, light and do not scratch other surfaces.
    • Optimum shipping rates due to low weight.
    • Can be used many times.
    • It is perfect for people with allergies because it is odorless and dust-free.
    • The granules are made of biodegradable starch.
    • Packed and sold in bags of 200 liters.

    Price 18.00  VAT incl.
    Rolls of bubble wrap

    Large (100 m long) 


    Bubble film is one of the most popular solutions for the primary packaging of goods or products.

    Double-layer bubble film is made made of high-quality PE film.

    Hermetic, strong, resistant to tearing, water and dust.

    • Designed to protect surfaces, fill volume, wrap and protect against impacts, vibration and compression during transportation.
    • Easy to use, universal.
    • Can be recycled.
    • Film roll with cardboard core.
    • Film thickness - 40 g/m2.
    • Bubble diameter - 3x10 mm.
    • Color: light blue
    • The dimensions of the film are indicated: width x length in roll m.


    Packaging film with air bubbles – extremely efficient and economical packaging product.


    You can purchase bubble wrap of various sizes and dimensions in rolls of 10m or 100m and 0.3m, 0.5m, 0.6m, 1m, 1.2 m, 1.5m wide films.

    Price 9.47  VAT incl.
    PE foam film in rolls

    Protects against dirt, dust and water
    Made of LDPE
    Color: white


    Foamed Polyethylene (PE) film is made of small high-density polyethylene (LDPE).
    An ideal packaging solution when you want the product or product to be maximally protected against friction, mechanical damage or other unwanted contact.


    • Universal and convenient to use, because it is light, non-slip, elastic, odorless and flexible.
    • Protects products from dirt, dust and water.
    • The package can be sealed and remains airtight during transportation.
    • Excellent cushioning properties.
    • The film can be recycled.
    • The dimensions of the film are specified: thickness mm x width mx length in roll m.

    We can offer other measurements according to spec. order. 

    Price 47.00  VAT incl.
    Corrugated cardboard in rolls

    Cardboard thickness 180 g/m2

    Folds into any shape 


    Corrugated cardboard in rolls perfectly protects easily broken glass that is sent or stored , metal, wooden products against physical damage - impacts, pressure, scratches or other mechanical effects.

    • Widely used in industry due to its easily foldable and adaptable shapes and weight.
    • Flexible and shock absorbing.
    • Ecological cardboard made from recycled paper.
    • Corrugated cardboard is suitable for packing small and large items.
    • Double-layer cardboard thickness 180 g/m2.
    • Indicated measurements: width mx length in roll mx cardboard thickness g/m2 .


    We can offer other measurements according to spec. order. 

    Price 64.00  VAT incl.
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