Printing on boxes

  • Boxes are one of the most important branding tools. Create your new image and value. We can apply printing in up to 4 colors, it can be your logo, brand name or just the picture you want.


    Digital Press

    Digital printing is treated as a modern way of printing, which allows printing even very small editions, various formats.
    A big advantage is speed.
    Digital printing is a good option for small print runs.
    Due to the extremely easy preparation of the layout, this printing method stands out for its speed and wide possibilities in terms of volume (it is possible to print even 1 unit).
    A good solution for those who do not buy large quantities - complex layout is not required, and the unit price is not affected by the circulation.
    The products for which this printing is chosen most often are: envelopes, food bags, paper bags with handles, packaging boxes.

    Screen printing

    Screen printing can confidently claim the title of one of the oldest screen printing methods.
    Surface printing in this way allows the print to be transferred onto any material of any shape, thickness and size.
    Screen printing is available on paper, as well as popular screen printing on textiles, ceramics, glass, wood, metal, plastic or other surfaces.
    Also suitable for outdoor use!

    Boxes are purchased separately, you can choose them from our assortment here .
    To order individual printing, contact us by e-mail. by mail or by phone +370 602 91205.

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