Packing supplies

  • Packing granules

    Ecological loose granules are designed to fill the free volume of the package and protect the goods from impacts or other damages during transportation.

    • Protection for non-impact products.
    • The ganules are soft, light and do not scratch other surfaces.
    • Optimum shipping rates due to low weight.
    • Can be used many times.
    • It is perfect for people with allergies because it is odorless and dust-free.
    • The granules are made of biodegradable starch.
    • Packed and sold in bags of 200 liters.

    Price 18.00  VAT incl.
    Adhesive tape Hot-Melt

    Tape thickness 39 microns

    Synthetic rubber adhesive 


    Hot-Melt adhesive tape is widely used in various fields. Based on synthetic rubber glue. Cardboard, plastic, metal or glass can be glued. Has high adhesion properties.


    • The adhesive tape is strong, elastic, does not turn yellow.
    • It is perfect for use where the adhesiveness of the acrylic adhesive tape is not sufficient.
    • The thickness of the adhesive tape is 39 µm
    • Good adhesion properties.
    • Color: transparent.
    • Indicated measurements: tape width mm x length m in roll. 

    Price 0.99  VAT incl.
    Corrugated cardboard in rolls

    Cardboard thickness 180 g/m2

    Folds into any shape 


    Corrugated cardboard in rolls perfectly protects easily broken glass that is sent or stored , metal, wooden products against physical damage - impacts, pressure, scratches or other mechanical effects.

    • Widely used in industry due to its easily foldable and adaptable shapes and weight.
    • Flexible and shock absorbing.
    • Ecological cardboard made from recycled paper.
    • Corrugated cardboard is suitable for packing small and large items.
    • Double-layer cardboard thickness 180 g/m2.
    • Indicated measurements: width mx length in roll mx cardboard thickness g/m2 .


    We can offer other measurements according to spec. order. 

    Price 64.00  VAT incl.
    Manual tensioner

    For PP fastening tapes

    9 - 19 mm tape width

    0.5 - 0.9 mm tape thickness


    < p>Manual PP/PET tape tensioners are designed for tensioning/cutting polypropylene and polyester tape and fastening buckles. The strong, high-quality construction guarantees the long-term use of the device.
    It is easy to tighten the torque using a manual belt tensioner and thus achieve higher tension.
    • For PP tapes from 9 to 19 mm wide.
    • For PP tapes from 0.5 to 1 mm thick.
    • Suitable buckles: Wire and Metal.   

    Price 49.00  VAT incl.
    PP fixing tape, ø200 mm

    PP tape: 12mm.

    200x200mm (8x8 inch) core


    PP tape or otherwise Polypropylene tape protects the products being transported. The tape is highly resistant to friction.

    It is packed manually, automatically or semi-automatically.

    Wire locks, cans are used for fastening, or the tape is sealed with a special tool.

    Polypropylene tape withstands 50% of the weight of the metal tape

    The table shows the measurements of the PP tape: width mm x length m   

    Price 49.00  VAT incl.
    Wire buckles

    For strapping tapes

    PP and PET 13 mm


    Wire buckles for connecting PP (polypropylene) or polyester strapping tapes, reinforcing or grouping loads.

    Due to its special shape, when the binding tape is pierced, it tightens during stretching and allows to ensure a strong connection.

    Available in two sizes, 13 mm and 16 mm.

    Sold in boxes. 1000 pcs.   

    Price 44.00  VAT incl.
    Adhesive tape gluing tool, 50 mm

    Suitable for adhesive tapes up to 50 mm wide


    The adhesive tape holder makes working with adhesive tape easier.

    Adjustable tape tension.

    No need to search for the end of the tape every time.

    Built-in cutting knives.


    You can buy the tape by clicking here.  

    Price 11.99  VAT incl.
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