Duct tape

  • Adhesive tape Hot-Melt

    Tape thickness 39 microns

    Synthetic rubber adhesive 


    Hot-Melt adhesive tape is widely used in various fields. Based on synthetic rubber glue. Cardboard, plastic, metal or glass can be glued. Has high adhesion properties.


    • The adhesive tape is strong, elastic, does not turn yellow.
    • It is perfect for use where the adhesiveness of the acrylic adhesive tape is not sufficient.
    • The thickness of the adhesive tape is 39 µm
    • Good adhesion properties.
    • Color: transparent.
    • Indicated measurements: tape width mm x length m in roll. 

    Price 0.99  VAT incl.
    Adhesive tape Acrylic

    Tape thickness 38 microns
    Acrylic adhesive
    Maintains transparency

    Tape based on acrylic adhesive is the best choice for long-term storage when shelf life is important. It can last even up to 3 years when glued to a surface. Acrylic glue has good adhesive properties at plus temperatures and also adheres well to recycled cardboard.

    Maintains transparency - acrylic packaging tape does not turn yellow.
    Easy unrolling of adhesive tape.
    Economical alternative to tapes with with rubber glue.
    Indicated measurements: tape width mm x length m. 

    Price 0.69  VAT incl.
    Adhesive tape Solvent

    Tape thickness 42 microns
    Natural rubber adhesive


    One of the strongest adhesive tapes on the market.
    Has particularly good bonding properties with various surfaces.< br /> Sticks even when cardboard/paper or the environment is dirty, dusty or greasy.
    Suitable for use in all seasons.
    Operating temperature -15 ºC / +60 ºC.
    The dimensions of the roll of adhesive tape are indicated: width mm x length m.


    When you want to send something and have no doubt that the cardboard box, postage stamp box or tape used elsewhere will not stick during transportation - we recommend choosing the highest quality Solvent Vibac adhesive tape. 

    Price 1.04  VAT incl.
    Double sided sticky tape

    Color: transparent

    Acrylic glue


    Double-sided adhesive tape is usually used when you want to quickly and reliably stick certain objects to a surface. Resistant to high temperatures.

    Specified tape dimensions: width mm x length m in roll.    

    Price 2.79  VAT incl.
    Double-sided adhesive tape Pet

    Color: transparent

    Acrylic glue

    Very thin - 0.2 mm.


    High quality double-sided adhesive tape. Suitable for gluing paper, glass, plastic, wood, metal and other materials.

    Protective red layer. UV resistant.

    Specified tape dimensions: width mm x length m in roll.     

    Price 7.49  VAT incl.
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