Shipping labels

  • Mini STRETCH film

    For manual use
    Color: transparent


    Mini STRETCH film can also be used instead of adhesive tape to group various products or goods.

    < p>Elastic packaging film protects the cargo from moisture, dust, scratches, and other environmental effects during the entire transportation.

    Perfectly suitable for grouping various boxes or cargo, for wrapping and strengthening goods and packages on pallets.
    Film is elastic and resistant to tearing, well stabilizes cargo of various shapes into one whole.
    Made of LLDPE (linear polyethylene).
    Indicated measurements: width mm x length in roll mx thickness mkr.

    Price 3.20  VAT incl.
    Packing granules

    Ecological loose granules are designed to fill the free volume of the package and protect the goods from impacts or other damages during transportation.

    • Protection for non-impact products.
    • The ganules are soft, light and do not scratch other surfaces.
    • Optimum shipping rates due to low weight.
    • Can be used many times.
    • It is perfect for people with allergies because it is odorless and dust-free.
    • The granules are made of biodegradable starch.
    • Packed and sold in bags of 200 liters.

    Price 18.00  VAT incl.
    Label Media adhesive labels

    A4 size sheet
    Suitable for inkjet and laser printers

    High-quality adhesive labels on A4 sheets are used for marking parcels or other goods.
    One A4 size sheet contains from 1 to 65 labels, depending on the dimensions.
    Sticks firmly to various surfaces.
    Pack of 100 sheets.
    Acrylic adhesive.
    Dimensions shown: length x width of one label in mm.


    Word templates for labels can be found here.   

    Price 8.90  VAT incl.
    Thermal ECO adhesive labels

    Thermal labels are designed for thermal printing.


    THERMAL ECO – thermal paper of standard sensitivity, suitable for weighing labels, price marking, product description in retail trade, used in a dry environment.


    The labels are suitable for universal use, text or graphic information can be printed.
    Suitable for printing stickers for courier shipments, beverages, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, electricity, transport and many other industries.


    The amount of labels in a roll is given in the table next to the measurements (Quantity package).
    Measurements of one label are given: width x length mm.
    40mm sleeve (inner axis);
    1 row of labels.    

    Price 5.20  VAT incl.
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