Courier envelopes with printing

  • Printing method: screen printing

    Made from 50 mkr. thick LDPE foils

    Printing is possible on both sides of the envelope.

    Maximum number of colors in print - 3

    Color: eyelids white, inside black.

    Maximum possible print size on the envelope:  

      Envelope measurements   

      Print size max 

          250x350+40 mm 

              190x190 mm 

          300x400+40 mm 

              220x220 mm 

          350x450+40 mm 

              260x260 mm 

        400x500+40 mm 

              290x290 mm 

        450x550+40 mm 

              300x300 mm   


    To order individual printing, contact us by e-mail. by mail or by phone +370 602 91205.


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