Boxes for S size post machines

  • Boxes for S size post machines

    Suitable for Omniva, LP Express, Venipak, DPD terminals

    Various sizes


    Quick closing boxes

    Easy to assemble the box is adapted for parcel terminals – of post machines “S“ size compartments.

    Fefco 0427 construction.
    3-ply B-wave, 3mm thick corrugated cardboard.
    Features reinforced side walls and one-piece bottom and lid.
    Hinged lid with corner flaps that fit into the side walls of the box and lock the lid in place.
    Quick assembly and packing.
    Boxes are sold flat (unfolded).
    Box sizes listed are internal.
    Dimensions listed: length x width x height mm.

    For sale
    1 pc each
    Fast delivery
    1-2 dd
    1 25 100 250 500 1000
    130x120x50mm, B 1
    0.34  VAT incl.
    0.32  VAT incl. 0.28  VAT incl. 0.25  VAT incl. 0.23  VAT incl. 0.20  VAT incl.
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    150x100x70mm, B 1
    0.43  VAT incl.
    0.38  VAT incl. 0.36  VAT incl. 0.33  VAT incl. 0.30  VAT incl. 0.25  VAT incl.
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    215x130x70mm, B 1
    0.46  VAT incl.
    0.42  VAT incl. 0.40  VAT incl. 0.36  VAT incl. 0.34  VAT incl. 0.31  VAT incl.
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    350x280x70mm, B 1
    0.66  VAT incl.
    0.62  VAT incl. 0.56  VAT incl. 0.52  VAT incl. 0.50  VAT incl. 0.48  VAT incl.
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    570x340x70mm, B 1
    0.99  VAT incl.
    0.96  VAT incl. 0.94  VAT incl. 0.91  VAT incl. 0.87  VAT incl. 0.82  VAT incl.
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  • Box folding instructions 

  • Alternative goods

    Label Media adhesive labels

    A4 size sheet
    Suitable for inkjet and laser printers

    High-quality adhesive labels on A4 sheets are used for marking parcels or other goods.
    One A4 size sheet contains from 1 to 65 labels, depending on the dimensions.
    Sticks firmly to various surfaces.
    Pack of 100 sheets.
    Acrylic adhesive.
    Dimensions shown: length x width of one label in mm.


    Word templates for labels can be found here.   

    Price 8.90  VAT incl.
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