Courier envelopes, white

  • Courier envelopes, white

    Peel off adhesive tape
    50 micron thick LDPE material 


    Envelopes are made of opaque, 50 micron thick LDPE foil. The envelopes are white in color, with an adhesive tape. The inside of the envelope is black, so the contents of the envelope are not visible. It is also an excellent protection against moisture, which makes these envelopes suitable for safe shipping of clothes, materials, paper and other items. Very light, saving on shipping costs. Strong seams allow the envelope to be packed full, and the labels stick to the envelope very easily. Made only from the best quality raw materials and contain at least 70% recycled materials. 
    • Color: white, inside black.
    • Film thickness: 50 microns.
    • The strip is glued with Hot-Melt glue.
    • Resistant to moisture.
    • Resistant to inadvertent opening.
    • The dimensions of the envelope are specified: length x width mm, format.
    • The quantity in the package is indicated for each position separately.   

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    FB01, 175x255 B5 100
    5.90  VAT incl.
    5.70  VAT incl. 5.40  VAT incl. 5.00  VAT incl.
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    FB02, 225x325 C4 100
    6.20  VAT incl.
    5.90  VAT incl. 5.60  VAT incl. 5.20  VAT incl.
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    FB03, 240x350 B4 100
    9.39  VAT incl.
    8.99  VAT incl. 8.49  VAT incl. 7.79  VAT incl.
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    FB04, 325x425 A3 100
    10.99  VAT incl.
    10.69  VAT incl. 10.19  VAT incl. 9.49  VAT incl.
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    FB05, 350x450 C3+ 100
    11.49  VAT incl.
    10.99  VAT incl. 10.49  VAT incl. 9.99  VAT incl.
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    FB06, 400x500 B3 100
    14.19  VAT incl.
    13.89  VAT incl. 13.49  VAT incl. 12.99  VAT incl.
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    FB07, 450x550 A2 100
    16.99  VAT incl.
    16.49  VAT incl. 15.99  VAT incl. 14.99  VAT incl.
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    FB08, 770x550 50
    16.49  VAT incl.
    15.99  VAT incl. 15.49  VAT incl. 14.99  VAT incl.
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