Rolls of bubble wrap

  • Rolls of bubble wrap

    Large (100 m long) 


    Bubble film is one of the most popular solutions for the primary packaging of goods or products.

    Double-layer bubble film is made made of high-quality PE film.

    Hermetic, strong, resistant to tearing, water and dust.

    • Designed to protect surfaces, fill volume, wrap and protect against impacts, vibration and compression during transportation.
    • Easy to use, universal.
    • Can be recycled.
    • Film roll with cardboard core.
    • Film thickness - 40 g/m2.
    • Bubble diameter - 3x10 mm.
    • Color: light blue
    • The dimensions of the film are indicated: width x length in roll m.


    Packaging film with air bubbles – extremely efficient and economical packaging product.


    You can purchase bubble wrap of various sizes and dimensions in rolls of 10m or 100m and 0.3m, 0.5m, 0.6m, 1m, 1.2 m, 1.5m wide films.

    For sale
    1 pc each
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    1-2 dd
    1 3 5 10
    1.2x100m, 40g/m2 1
    30.00  VAT incl.
    29.00  VAT incl. 28.00  VAT incl. 26.00  VAT incl.
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    0,3x100m, 40g/m2 1
    9.47  VAT incl.
    8.99  VAT incl. 8.40  VAT incl. 7.90  VAT incl.
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    0,6x100m, 40g/m2 1
    15.90  VAT incl.
    15.40  VAT incl. 15.00  VAT incl. 13.90  VAT incl.
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